Innovation Dynamics

Context Labs roots and founding team stem from our work at MIT Sloan and the MIT Media Lab focusing on innovation dynamics, commencing with the group’s co-founding in 2012 of MIT Sloan’s Regional Entrepreneurial Acceleration Lab (REAL).

The InnovationScope™ platform, a real-time navigator of innovation clusters, enables cities, regions and countries to deeply describe their geographical innovative activities.  It granularizes by entrepreneurial and innovation clusters, successes and gaps. The platform helps organizations make informed decisions regarding their strategic investments focused on innovation.

The subsequent technology developed in this effort by our founders, known as InnovationScope™, with its platform for global data interoperability from diverse data sources, proved foundational for Context Labs development efforts for Chainplate Foundation™, Snapshackle Interoperability™, and VUEGraph Analytics™.

Similarly, InnovationScope™ can support and advise multinationals and early-stage investors for strategic and targeted investments regarding certain domains or regions, facilitating a better predictive metric for return-on-investment.

The underlying core of the InnovationScope™ framework is known as Pentahelix™theory, implemented as a big data analytics platform called the Cluster Rank Engine™ (CRE) which was developed by the Context Labs team. The framework integrates big data analytics, graph theory algorithms and systems dynamics, to produce insights to influence outcomes in innovation strategy and planning.

In addition, and to encourage interoperability between a multitude of global data resources and devices, Context Labs developed an open data format that generalizes to a wide range of urban data streams, called CityX™.