Immutably's PROVENPATHS™ Solutions

PROVENPATHS™ Blockchain-enabled Supply Chain Solution

PROVENPATHS™ Blockchain-enabled Supply Chain Solution

End to end supply chain tracking solutions.

PROVENPATHS™ secures your supply chain data cryptographically from production through point of sale. Our flexible system architecture supports a configurable context state-machine (CSM) that can adapt to any supply chain configuration.  It includes simple to use scanning applications for iPhone, Android, NFC or any other Bluetooth enabled scanning device.  Track Assets, View Reports and receive Real-time Notifications. Advanced analytics allows for deep dive analysis on supply chain incursions and inventory optimization.  Track and Trace a product and its components from inception, to production, all the way through the supply chain to consumers. 

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PROVENPATHS™ for supply chain is a configurable end to end solution for insuring supply chain integrity.  Our configurable state machine and mobile apps allows PROVENPATHS™ to be configured to accommodate your companies workflow.   

Our PROVENPATHS™ analytics platform provides insight into possible supply chain incursions, locates  and pinpoints areas of venerability and inefficiency.




Extend your consumer interaction with PROVENPATHS™ for Consumers.  Enable users to interact with your products well beyond the point of sale.  

PROVENPATHS™ for Consumers provides end users with dynamic content and relevant offers every time they scan.  You control the messaging with our dynamic content management system.  
Engage and know your customer with PROVENPATHS™ Consumer Goods Solutions.

Customized solutions

Not all business process are alike.  With PROVENPATHS™ Customized Solutions our configurable state machine and robust API allows you to create a secure customized solution to accommodate any business process.  

Our API enables you to create custom UI's for web and mobile apps while maintaining the security of our distributed ledger and blockchain back end.