Labeling Solutions

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VeriTRAQ's robust API allows integration with any Smart labeling solution. Our flexible platform adapts to your existing workflow reducing integration costs and disruption, custom labeling solutions are available to suit your business needs. Contact our professional services group to design a custom labeling solution that will fit your product requirements. 

Smart Labels are labels inlaid with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. They are rapidly being applied on products from the clothes we wear and the food we eat to our cars, medicine, and air travel.

VeriTRAQ  solutions are designed to help improve inventory management and loss prevention across the value chain, from manufacturing source to consumer.


  • QR codes
  • BLE Identity Inlay& Token
  • NFC Identity Inlay& Token
  • 2D Bar Codes
  • Time and Temp loggers
  • RFID