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VeriTRAQ™ is the Immutably™ end-to-end solution for physical asset tracking.  Our distributed ledger provides the backbone for registering and tracking assets from manufacturer to point of sale, to consumer use.  The Immutably™ robust context state machine (CSM) can easily be configured to conform to any supply chain process.

VeriTRAQ™ for Consumers extends your company's engagement with the consumer beyond the point of sale.  Using our consumer mobile applications, consumers can continue to engage with the product and receive contextually relevant content and offers customized to that consumer. Immutably™ builds a transparent bridge back to peer-to-peer supply chains, enabling suppliers to engage directly with their customers.  


ProofWorks is a simple to use solution and API that provides provenance and veracity for documentation and digital data that needs to be secure and irrefutable.   We provide you with the tools to easily secure and retrieve any digital information quickly and efficiently.