The Context Labs platform and technologies radically simplify the way products can be distributed, discovered, consumed, compensated, and accounted for.  By increasing direct and secure channels to customers and consumers, greater reach is achieved. Friction and cost are reduced, enabling a more open and seamless relationship from seller to consumer.


Using the Context Labs platform, a company, or a consortium of companies, can act as a market-maker for entire industries, providing supply chain efficiencies which minimize indirect channel selling costs. The end result is higher margins, and a direct one-on-one customer relationship, with less friction, more trust, and privacy.


Context Labs embraces the notion of “Privacy by Design,” protecting user privacy and eliminating surveillance liabilities. Based on these virtues, Context Labs analytics provides its customers with derivative predictive insights into their customers, all the while preserving the privacy of the customer.

Enterprise Grade Core Features



Secure, distributed and shared ledgers are core to the Context Labs foundation.  As standards emerge and a variety of blockchain-enabled implementations take hold, Context Labs provides not only its core secured, distributed ledger tech, but also provides the ability to “snap” together other implementations for a robust, scalable, and extensible enterprise platform.


Context Labs provides the ability to integrate a wide variety of data sources and standards, as well as distributed ledger implementations.  By providing state of the art meta-data capabilities as well as an interoperable framework allowing for the modularization of these key technologies, Context Labs insures API level integration to the supply chain functions most important to customers.


Context Labs platform provides a secure, protected environment for consumers to engage with commerce sites and content.  A safe place where users own their behavioral identity and data (and not large Internet companies, as currently).  Without disclosing or de-anonymizing individual identities, Context Labs enables a consumer engagement model that fosters compliance with new and emerging privacy regulations.


Context Labs enables micro-payments on a global scale, insuring privacy while concurrently providing scrutiny with distributed and shared ledger technology.  The potential for global electronic commerce using micro-transactions is immense. Context Labs fosters a more seamless and direct, lower friction path for consumers to connect directly with commerce sites, with their trusted identity credentials.

Context Labs sees the next era of Internet commerce enabling a new paradigm of one-on-one supplier-to-consumer relationships. We aim to flatten the supply chain from supplier to consumer. This means less friction, more privacy, and yet, more engagement.

Our innovative blend of secured distributed ledger technologies, network graph analytics, data interoperability and visualization, delivers a solution to help our customers get more direct reach to consumers, at less cost, and yet, drive a deeper and more satisfying consumer relationship. All with low friction, privacy, and trust.

— Dan Harple, CEO Context Labs

Core Foundation Technologies

Snapshackle Interoperability

Provides capabilities to enable integration of secure distributed ledgers, with secure and trusted interoperability of data, identities, and micropayment systems.  Simple or complex enterprise deployments can “snap” together, enabling scaling and extensibility across companies, their channels, and consumers.

Chainplate Foundation

As the core foundation, provides capabilities to execute digital transactions in a secured distributed ledger environment, including disparate data stream ingest for data interoperability, trust attributes, rights and permissions, and overall “snap-together” enterprise monitoring and control features.

VUEgraph Analytics

Capabilities include graph visualization libraries, allowing suppliers to view the interconnections and relationships between content, distributors, partners and consumers. VUEgraph dashboards provide capabilities such as system analytics, descriptive and predictive analytics, comparative choices and offerings.  A VUEgraph API enables “snap-together” integration with Context Labs platform APIs.